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What is Botticino Marble Slab?


Botticino Marble Slab is a natural stone with white veins and spots throughout. This kind of marble has been quarried in the Italian Alps since antiquity, where it was used to create many historical landmarks. The name "Botticino" originates from the Italian word "botti", meaning barrels. This is because marble was extracted in ancient times by cutting blocks of stone away from surrounding rock, and then splitting them into smaller pieces for transport to be shaped elsewhere-the resulting round shapes resembled barrels. This beautiful material can be cut to any size or shape desired by the customer.

What is Botticino Marble Slab?

Where can I use Botticino Marble Slab?

Botticino marble slab is suitable for any architectural or design project from interior to exterior spaces like below:



Liven up your kitchen or dining area with Botticino marble. The unique blend of colors will add character to your space, and the high-quality finish is easy enough for a DIY installation.



Everyone wants their bathroom to stand out with beauty and luxury in every detail--a Botticino marble slab can help you achieve this goal at an affordable cost.




In a kitchen, countertops are often the most important element because they serve as an interactive space for food preparation and cooking. The beauty of Botticino marble slab is that it provides both functionality with its durability in addition to aesthetic luxury.



The natural depth of colors found in Botticino marble makes sinks not only stand out but also seem to be more spacious.



Every home needs a fireplace, and with Botticino marble you can make the focal point of your living room or family space even more spectacular.



A terrace or balcony is another space in which a Botticino marble slab shines--the natural depth and variations in color will make it a spot where you want to enjoy your coffee or tea every morning.



When paired with the right material, a Botticino marble slab can be used on any exterior surface from patio slabs to stairs.

Interior And Exterior Walls:

The natural beauty of a Botticino marble slab will add depth and character to any wall, whether it is inside or out.

Interior And Exterior Flooring:

Adding a floor to any space is the easiest and most affordable way to give it new life. The natural beauty of a Botticino marble slab makes those hard-to-decide spaces--like bathrooms or kitchens--easier because it will go with just about anything you want to do in your home.

Living Room:

Living Room:

A living room is the heart of your home and a Botticino marble slab can make it more inviting. The beauty of this unique material will be a conversation starter for visitors, giving you plenty to talk about with them when they come over.



No bedroom should go without Botticino marble slab--the high-quality finish is perfect for any bedside table, nightstand or dresser.



An elevator is a place where you want to feel comfortable and relaxed when it comes to the environment--Botticino marble slab can help make that happen by providing sleekness and luxury with its natural beauty.



The entryway is the first impression for your guests when they come into your home--you want that to be a good one. The natural beauty of a Botticino marble slab can make it happen by providing sleekness and luxury with its natural beauty in addition to durable function.

Balconies And Stairs:

Balconies And Stairs

In many cases, balconies and stairs are the first thing guests see when they walk into a home--and if you have Botticino marble slab on them, that will be an experience to remember.


  • Characteristic variations of color and texture in the stone making each slab unique;

  • Handcrafted to ensure its quality, durability, and longevity;

  • Wide selection of finishes including honed (satin), polished, brushed, sanded and flamed;

  • Customizable dimensions to suit your needs.

Available Finishes

The Botticino marble has a high degree of translucency and Our Slabs Are available in Glossy finish:


The Glossy finish is polished to a glossy sheen. This option creates an elegant and clean look for floors or countertops.

Accent Features have been buffed off of this surface, leaving it with no texture unlike the Honed Slabs which are textured on all surfaces except the edges where the material was cut.

Available Sizes:


Our Botticino Marble Slabs are available in following sizes:

  1. 600 x 1200 MM

  2. 800 x 1600 MM

  3. 1200 x 1200 MM

Our Botticino Marble Slab Product Collection

Here you can find our latest collection of botticino marble and also get details about every product and choose the best for your project. Explore It Below:

Desert Botticino Gris Marble Slab:

Desert Botticino Gris Marble Slab


Desert Botticino Gris Marble Slab is one of the most unique marble slabs. It has a very warm, inviting color that blends in with any décor and creates an atmosphere of luxury and comfort at the same time. The surface finish on this slab can be polished to different levels depending on what type of shine you are looking for.

If you are looking for a marble slab that is easy to maintain, this one might be something worth considering. The Desert Botticino Gris Marble Slab has an extremely low absorption rate and does not stain easily, so it will always look new no matter how often it’s used or cleaned! This marble slab is a great choice for indoors or outdoors.

Optical Botticino Marble Slab:

Optical Botticino Marble Slab


Optical Botticino Marble Slab is an exclusive and innovative product that has been designed to provide a breathtaking new dimension of beauty for interior spaces. The original natural surface texture integrated with the infinite pattern possibilities, makes it one-of-a-kind. Optical Botticino marble slab can be used in all types of applications where traditional stone is used, such as: floor tile, wall paneling and counters.

Botticino Classic Marble Slab:

Botticino Classic Marble Slab

Botticino Classic Marble Slab is a marble that displays an earthy, natural appearance. The colors displayed on this marble are green with yellow and brown veins.

Botticino Royale Marble Slab:

Botticino Royale Marble Slab

Botticino Royale Marble Slab is one of the most elegant and versatile natural stones. Botticino marble slabs can be used for:Countertop, Vanity, Flooring, Walls, Ceiling, Bar, Table Top, Etc...

Natural Botticino Marble Slab:

Natural Botticino Marble Slab

A natural oil and resin finish is applied to the surface of natural Botticino Marble Slab. The natural oils penetrate deep into the marble pores, filling them with protective sealant that protects from stains. This layer also provides protection against scratching or abrasions as well as dirt buildup for easier cleaning. Natural Botticino Marble Slab can be used in kitchens, bathrooms, living areas and more.