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Meeting international standards in the ceramic industry can be a cumbersome task if not properly planned. Securing third-party approvals might inadvertently delay product launch plans and increase overhead costs. With a well equipped in-house lab, product adjustments can be done in a jiffy according to standards.

The R & D facility has the best setup for conducting rigorous testing on its products to meet international standards and certification requirements. The R & D facility provides immense benefits in terms of improved economies of scale, quick identification of product flaws, and quicker lead time to market with modified or new products.

Our Research & Development approach is also based on mutually-beneficial customer partnerships, which combined with our unique knowledge of mineral technology, enables us to provide improved formulations and genuine product consistency for our customers in our markets.

Ceraite - Research & Development

ED-XRF SPECTROMETER : Boasts of highly accurate measurements, and safe and suitable sample preparation; perfect for qualitative and quantitative analysis due to its wide dynamic concentration range and support for wide range of elements.

PARTICLE SIZE ANALYZER : Reliable solution to routine particle sizing needs of the industry with full automation features and software-driven control and data management.

DILATOMETER : Perfect determination tool for material behavior against temperature to predict the controlling process parameters.

COLOR SPECTROMETER : Comprehensive and portable data recording instrument which is used to control the color difference in tiles.

AUTOMATIC PRESS : Prototype of SACMI press which can generate similar production data by controlling specific pressure.

MODULOUS OF RUPTURE EQUIPMENT : Automatic data-controlled computer of modulous of rupture for different types of tiles by simulating the load-bearing capacity, breaking strength and modulous of elasticity.

WATER ABSORPTION EQUIPMENT : Consists of vacuum method equipment which defines precise water absorption characteristics of tiles.

MERCURY DENSITIMETER : Perfect apparent density measuring tool for predicting the thermal history of the product. GRADIENT KILN : Six electrically heated chambers to generate thermal properties at six different temperatures controlled by a computer program.

SLIP RESISTENCE : Antislip property of tile surface, more practically determined by popular German method "RAMP TEST" as per DIN - 51130 & denoted as R10, R11-R12-R13.

ROLLER KILN : A prototype of Production Kiln help to guide to understand the thermal characteristics of raw materials & composites more precisely and helps to investigate Ceramic Research Elaborately.